april 2010 effective treatment of burning mouth syndrome (bms) with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rtms) we have treated 60 patients (15 men, 45 women) with bms with rtms over a period of five years. Patients had each of the three critical criteria for the diagnosis of bms (see march 2010, what’s new) and phantageusia (the presence of a distorted taste in the mouth in the absence of any oral stimulus). Thirty-six patients (10 men, 26 women) had oropyrosis – burning involving several aspects of their oral cavity including tongue, palette, lip, gum, check and anterior pharynx. Twenty-four (three men, 21 women) had glossopyrosis – burning limited to the tongue. Phantageusia was reported to be metallic in 28 (four men, 24 women), bitter in 17 (three men, 14 women), rotten in 10 (two men, eight women), salty in seven (one man, six women), sour in six (all women), burned in four (all women) and chemical in three (all women). Treatment consisted of one course of rtms applied to the head. side effects viagra 20 mg Both pyrosis and phantageusia were inhibited in 75% of the patients with 15% reporting total inhibition of both pyrosis and phantageusia. Inhibition persisted for at least 72-84 days in 68% of patients with inhibition in some patients lasting five years. viagra generic online However, in 32% pyrosis and phantageusia recurred in six-12 weeks. Repeat rtms and/or treatment with a gabaergic drug was useful in reinhibition of both pyrosis and phantageusia in many but not all of these patients. These results indicate that rtms is an effective method to treat bms. buy generic viagra online However, its long term efficacy has not been established. Because of efficacy of this treatment we propose that the underlying abnormality causing this syndrome lies in an abnormality of brain neurotransmitters including decreased gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) as previously demonstrated in patients with phantageusia and/or phantosmia by decreased brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1). generic viagra Reference levy, l. M. , henkin, r. I. Brain gaba levels are decreased in patients with phantageusia and phantosmia demonstrated by magnetic resonance spectroscopy. J. Comput. Assist. Tomogr. there generic viagra pill 2004;28:721-727. Home | the clinic | diagnosis | treatment | faq | press research | clinical overview | what's new | contact us the descriptions on this site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to substitute for professional medical diagnosis and/or treatment. no prescription viagra pharmacies If you have further questions, please contact the taste and smell clinic directly. viagra 20 mg effetti collaterali All material at this domain. viagra from canada pharmacy viagra for sale





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