Despite having all the symptoms i tested negative for c-diff this week. There is no formed stool, it is all d and the smell is unmistakable not to mention the 24/7 need to be in the br, so i am assuming this is a false negative. buy cheap viagra Either way my gi has now taken me off antibiotics and placed me on questran and citrucel as a treatment, he believes the questran will absorb the toxins of the c-diff over the next 4 months and flush it out. I have now been on questran for 7 days, while it has slowed down the d, it has not, as of yet, stopped the symptoms of c-diff and has yet to make formed stools, although the abdominal pain has reduced as well as br visits. buy viagra canada I am still feelling increbile pressure/pain/bleeding in my colon making me spend about 8 or so hours a day in the br i am now at a loss, with the test coming back negative and the doctor's new treatment plan, i do not know what to do. Is he right? Do i just sit home and wait and see? I get that if it gets worse i will have to discuss it with my gi again, but we are almost coming on one full year of this, i have not been able to leave my bedroom for this entire time, i cant even sit in a chair from the rectal pain. other uses viagra I always thought if you couldnt beat this at home on anti's they admitted you to the hopital for iv anti's, i guess i was wrong. buy generic viagra A colonoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow to look for (as my gi put it, "anything he can find") and i was denied a referral to a id dr, i am guessing due to the last test being negative. viagra without prescription From the reading i have done up to 25 % of c-diff tests come back false negative, that means 1 in 4 people go home completley confused and feeling helpless. viagra canada online Sorry this was so long, i hope this all makes sense, i am am just loooking for input, i am scared of what damage might be happening inside my intestines while all this waiting is going on and i continue to suffer. buy viagra viagra uk I look forward to any advice you folks can give me, i live in california if that helps, so all u. viagra 5mg canada S. Health care here. Also i am very sorry for any of the rest of you suffering through this disease, it has become a life destroyer for me and i can't understand why the hospital is not taking it more seriously or treating it more vigourously. Anyway, thank you all for your time and input, i am pretty sure i will be posting here for a while as i don't see this getting cured anytime soon. viagra samples Thanksjon bluevelvyt bran. viagra 5mg canada





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