International edition |  member center: sign in | register the web    cnn. Com        home page   world   u. buy viagra online S. cheap viagra   weather   business    sports    politics   law   technology   science & space   health   entertainment   travel   education   special reports autos  services   video   e-mail newsletters   your e-mail alerts   rss   cnntogo   tv commercials   contact us search web cnn. viagra or viagra for women Com clinton 'recovering normally' after bypass former president flooded with messages from well-wishers dr. Craig smith uses a heart muscle to illustrate the surgery president clinton underwent monday. Video clinton had a "relatively routine quadruple bypass operation. Viagra viagra viagra better " play video former president clinton undergoes heart bypass surgery. Play video clinton talks to cnn about his bypass surgery. Play video related animation: coronary artery bypass surgery • clinton: test 'saved my life' • interactive: coronary artery surgery • surgeon meets tee time, misses clinton • clinton foundation health library • health library your e-mail alerts bill clinton heart surgery or create your own manage alerts | what is this? buy cheap viagra New york (cnn) -- former president clinton successfully underwent a quadruple coronary artery bypass operation monday, his doctor said. le viagra 20 mg "he's recovering normally at this point," dr. Craig smith, who performed the surgery, said. "i think, right now, everything looks straightforward. " the operation began at 8 a. viagra online M. best non prescription alternative viagra And was complete around noon. Doctors said clinton was awake but still sedated and on a ventilator at 4:30 p. M. Sen. le viagra 20 mg Hillary rodham clinton released a statement which said, "chelsea and i thank god and the incredible medical team and staff here at new york-presbyterian hospital for taking such good care of my husband. " mrs. viagra cost kaiser Clinton and chelsea, the couple's daughter, were at the hospital. Two main methods can be used for the surgery. One temporarily stops the patient's heart; the other takes place on a beating heart. Doctors said clinton had undergone the procedure which stopped his heart because it appeared to be the safest method in this case. A device commonly called a pump was used to oxygenate and circulate clinton's blood. buy viagra In the bypass operation, healthy blood vessels were taken from the chest wall itself as well as from clinton's leg. viagra used yahoo The healthy vessels were then stitched in to bypass the diseased vessels. le viagra 20 mg Before beginning the operation monday, doctors made sure blood-thinning medicine had made its way through clinton's system. Cut viagra 20 mg half Clinton probably will spend the night in the intensive care unit and be moved to the general care floor in a day or so, said cnn's dr. Sanjay gupta. How much does viagra cost with health insurance The surgery is considered fairly routine -- more than 300,000 such procedures are conducted each year -- and has a survival rate of 99 percent, gupta said. viagra online Medical records show new york-presbyterian had a death rate of 3. 93 percent for coronary bypass operations performed in 2001 -- higher than the 2. buy generic viagra 18 percent.




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