Ua-26408784-1 search menu search options advanced search search help home contact us access old springerlink sign up / log in sign up / log in institutional / athens login english deutsch corporate academic look inside get access find out how to access preview-only content close neurorehabilitation technology 2012, pp 105-121 functional electrical stimulation therapy: recovery of function following spinal cord injury and stroke milos r. cheap generic viagra generic pill for viagra Popovic, kei masani, silvestro micera … show all 3 hide look inside get access abstract functional electrical stimulation (fes) is a technology one can use to artificially generate body movements in individuals who have paralyzed muscles due to injury to the central nervous system. what does viagra pill look like Viagra viagra viagra better More specifically, fes can be used to generate functions such as grasping and walking in individuals with spinal cord injury (sci), stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders that do not affect lower motor neurons. generic viagra online cost comparison viagra viagra This technology was originally used to develop neuroprostheses that were implemented to permanently substitute impaired functions such as bladder voiding, grasping, and walking. viagra without a doctor prescription Does 50mg viagra work In other words, a consumer would use the device each time he/she wanted to generate a desired function. Generic viagra safe viagra online In recent years, fes technology has been used to deliver, therapies to retrain voluntary motor functions such as grasping, reaching and walking. generic viagra buy cut viagra 20 mg half In this application, fes is used as a short-term therapy, the objective of which is restoration of voluntary function and not lifelong dependence on the fes device, hence the name fes therapy or fet. buy generic viagra cheap viagra The fet is used as a short-term intervention to help the central nervous system of the consumer to relearn how to execute impaired functions. cheap generic viagra In this chapter, we introduce recent findings and advances in the field of fet. cut viagra 20 mg half The findings to date clearly show that fet for reaching and grasping is a therapeutic modality that should be implemented in every rehabilitation institution that is treating patients with stroke and sci. viagra online The results obtained in a number of randomized control trials to date clear. can i buy viagra online with out a prescription




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